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Chloritrol® metering system

The Chloritrol®

Valveless Chlorine Injection Pump System
The Pump That Never Loses Prime!

The Chloritrol® is a valveless metering system for accurate, maintenance-free injection of sodium and calcium hypochlorite for purification of municipal drinking water. Totally new patented technology & field tested, perfect for high and low demand applications, including Ultra Low Volume.

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Accurately metering liquid sodium hypochlorite presents a unique challenge because of the fluid's tendency to out-gas. Many conditions including elevated temperatures, exposure to UV radiation, and cavitation, in addition to contact with metallic and organic impurities tend to increase sodium hypochlorite out-gassing.

The resulting gas bubbles present a condition known as "gas lock" which adversely affects the efficiency and accuracy of the injection pump's output. This, in turn, can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine added, and in the worst case, cause the pump to completely lose prime.

In addition to the sanitizing of drinking water, the Chloritrol® is an excellent choice for accurate sodium hypochlorite addition for municipal swimming pools, water parks, resorts, food processing plants, and waste treatment applications.See what our customers are saying about our water and wastewater pump system  Bethpage Water District in Long Island.

Chloritrol® Features:

  • No valves or diaphragms to service
  • No loss of prime...Ever!
  • Ability to prime against 125 psi line pressure
  • Months of "no touch" service = fast payback
  • Low energy consumption
  • Space-saving wall mount design includes protective enclosure
  • "C100A" DC Controller Variable Flow Controller provides 0-90 VDC power to Variable Speed Chloritrol® and CTS Systems

Flow / Pressure Specifications:

Output Volume:

CL1: 6.5 GPH max.
CL2: 15 GPH max.

Output Pressure:

125 psi max.


Humidity: 100% RH non-condensing
Temp: Non-freezing to 104°F

System Specifications:


15 1/2"x 13 3/8"x 6 3/4"

Shipping weight:

18.6 lbs. (8.4 Kg)


NEMA 4X Fiberglass with view window


CL1:0-90 VDC
C100A:Power input: 100 VAC 50/60 Hz
(Supplied "C100A" DC Controller Variable Flow Controller)
CL Supply: 1/4" NPT female CL Recirculation return: 1/4" NPT female CL High Pressure outlet: 1/4" NPT female
Control input:Manual, 4-20 mA

Product Literature:

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