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At FMI, quality is our number one goal. We are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality valveless metering pumps, the very best service, and technical support. At FMI we always invest in design and development to meet our customer needs. Our Engineering Team incorporates over 59 years of pump design experience to meet specific customer & application requirements.

FMI CatalogOEM Metering Pumps & Dispensers Catalog:

FMI's updated OEM Products Catalog includes a selection of standard "off-the-shelf" OEM products, as well as a representation of pumps, custom designed to meet specific application requirements, is available for download ... more

FMI CatalogUpdated Full Line Catalog:

The updated Full Line Catalog of standard products includes a comprehensive range of precision metering pumps and dispensers is available for download... more

Sub-1 PumpSub-1 Sub-Microliter Dispensing Pump

Our new Sub-1 Sub-Microliter Dispensing Pump uses patent pending Adjustable Dual Eccentric bushings for precise flow calibration to dispense volume as low as 1 μL / stroke... more

intelligent programmable pump image"Intelligent" Programmable Metering Pump

The Intelligent Programmable Metering Pump - Ideal for Medical, Analytical, & OEM Instrumentation Application. This OEM Metering pump uses FMI's STH Stepper Pump with integral programmable driver ... more

(STF1-9) Valveless 400 μL Dispensing Pump(STF1-9) Valveless 400 μL Dispensing Pump

Fluid Metering, Inc.(FMI) introduces their new 400 μL Dispensing Pump ideal for Medical, Analytical and Biotech Instrumentation...

Valveless, Brushless DC
Waste Transfer PumpValveless, Brushless DC Waste Transfer Pump

The valveless Waste Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) was designed for removal of waste fluid generated by medical diagnostic instrumentation...