Diagnostics Fluidic Solutions

Fluidic pumps help improve the quality of life for patients by delivering assay
at the correct flow rate.

Delivering Fluids in a Precise and Controlled Manner Is Critical for Accurate and Reliable Test Results.

As an essential tool in diagnostics, analyzers provide accurate and reliable results that can be used to diagnose diseases and conditions. Fluid Metering has proven to be a leader in manufacturing pumps that are consistent and repeatable by carefully calibrating and testing each pump before they are shipped to customers. 

Immunoassay Analyzer

Worried that your current pump configuration is wasting expensive reagents over the lifetime of the application? You need a solution that can achieve microliter volumes (3ul-200ul) with accuracy and precision. At Fluid Metering, we test the reliability of our pumps as close to your real world application to ensure we meet your lifetime requirements without failure.


Case Study

Solving Crystallization in Diagnostic Applications

A large clinical diagnostics laboratory faced a significant challenge of crystallization in their immunoassay analyzer’s fluidic chamber. These salt-based reagents tended to cause the pumps to leak or seize, leading to unreliable test results and increased maintenance costs.

Fluid Metering customized the fixed dispense pump (STF) with a better sealing surface that effectively prevented air from entering the system to minimize leakage. By collaborating with the laboratory's engineers, the innovative design ensured that the pump would integrate seamlessly into the existing instrument for continuous operation and reduce the likelihood of seizing.

Why You Need a Pump to Handle Crystallizing Fluids >

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

To meet project requirements and build a dependable analyzer, the fluidic pump should be developed in collaboration with a team of 
experts who can validate your design and select the right components to dispense challenging chemicals. We will work with you from design to production to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your application needs.


Hematology Analyzer

Today's high-pressure labs demand reliable, high-throughput solutions for accurate diagnoses. At Fluid Metering, we know pump maintenance drags down productivity and eats into budgets. Partner with us to prototype your ideal pump solution - one that maximizes performance and extends instrument lifespan. Focus on what matters most: accurate results, not pump worries.

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Electrolyte Analyzer

Is your analyzer struggling to keep pace with the rising demand for faster, more accurate testing? As healthcare needs evolve, electrolyte analyzers play an increasingly crucial role in diagnosing and managing health conditions. This demands instruments built to handle increased testing volumes and deliver reliable results over their lifespan. FMI pumps are designed with long-lasting performance and accuracy in mind, ensuring reliable data and reduced downtime, even with increased testing requirements. 


Urine Analyzer

Urine analyzers play a critical role in early detection diagnoses. But outdated pump technology can slow down the efficiency and accuracy of these applications. The compact and modular design of FMI pumps allows for more streamlined integration into laboratory equipment, optimizing space without sacrificing performance, and enabling more tests to be conducted with greater reliability over the instrument's operational life. 

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Microbiology Analyzers

Building next-generation microbiology applications demands durable construction and precise droplet control, allowing for faster and more accurate detection of infectious agents. Whether you are looking for options that withstand the rigors of continuous use or have dependable performance over extended periods, Fluid Metering's valveless piston design is integral to building next-generation analyzers. 


Building Technology For Analyzers Across Diagnostics

Fluid Metering offers a variety of OEM fluidic pump options for diagnostics and IVD applications, including biochemistry, microbiology, electrolyte, and hematology analyzers. All of our pumps are easy to use and can be customized to your application requirements for accuracy, precision, and reliability.

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