Variable Dispense Pumps

The Latest Technology Developed by Fluid Metering

Precise Dispensing for Life Sciences: Discover Variable Dispense Solutions

This innovative technology allows you to electronically adjust the dispense volume with ease, catering to a wide range of applications. Whether your requirements include frequent adjustments for different tasks or demand the highest level of precision, variable dispense pumps provide the flexibility and control you need. 

Available OEM Variable Dispense Pump Products

A Solution for Precision Dispensing and Bulk Movement

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The FENYX is an advanced variable dispense pump for life science applications, providing precise fluid control with innovative components for high throughput and microliter dispensing, capable of dispensing down to 1μl/rev with a flow rate of up to 400ml/min. 

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A Solution for Precision Pulseless Nanoliter Dispensing

Direct Drive

Offers nanoliter dispensing capability with three moving components and optimized driving mechanism, eliminating mechanical backlash. Software compensation is unnecessary, ensuring consistent, reliable performance and process reliability.

FDD Pulseless Nanoliter Pump

Optimize Your Process with Custom Pump Solutions

At Fluid Metering, we understand that every project is unique. Through a collaborative approach, our engineers will listen closely to your application needs, walk you through the design process, and ensure the final solution meets your requirements.

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