Metering Pumps

Life science applications rely on metering pumps for reliable fluid delivery. These pumps can handle a wide range of flow rates, from microliters to liters, with accuracy across a broad range of fluids including viscous solutions.

Precise Metering Pump Technology

A Solution for Metering and Bulk Fluid Transfer

Metering Pump

Engineered for metering applications, this pump integrates our distinct CeramPump® valveless pumping technology with the long-life performance of a brushless DC motor. 

Fluid Metering's Metering Pump with black rectangular motor top, cylindrical middle, and capped plastic fittings on the bottom

A Solution for Metering and Mixing

Duplex Mixing Pump

The Duplex Mixing Pump consists of two valveless pump heads directly coupled to a single variable stepper motor drive. The displacement of each pump head is independently adjustable, and various pump head sizes can be used in combinations to achieve dispensing ratios from 1:1 up to 1000:1 from microliters to liters.

Side view of a Fluid Metering's Duplex Mixing Pump comprising of blue, black, and beige pump heads with various connectors and fasteners

Optimize Your Process with Custom Pump Solutions

At Fluid Metering, we understand that every project is unique. Through a collaborative approach, our engineers will listen closely to your application needs, walk you through the design process, and ensure the final solution meets your requirements.