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We have pioneered next-generation flow control technologies with the use of advanced materials and components to reduce the size, weight, and life cycle cost. Ideal for life-saving medical and diagnostic devices requiring a precise dose, over millions of repeating cycles, without regular need for repair or recalibration-eliminating costly downtime. 

FDD Direct Drive
FDD Direct Drive
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FVD Variable Dispense
FVD Variable Dispense
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Variable Dispense Pump

Fluid Metering’s most versatile pump that simplifies fluidic architecture

The FENYX Variable Dispense Pump provides accurate and repeatable dispense volumes of 1 to 400 μL in a small lightweight package.

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Simplify and Streamline: Why Choose the FENYX Over Syringe Pumps

As the Life Science industry progresses toward next-generation applications, pump systems have become more complex. The FENYX helps address this challenge by integrating priming, flushing, and dispensing into a single, compact design.

The Perfect Drop-In Replacement for Syringe Pumps

Typically, engineers looking for a syringe pump replacement are facing pressure to find a solution that increases throughput and decreases the total cost of ownership. The FENYX enables users to electronically change the dispense volume but with the added benefits of using a ceramic rotating reciprocating piston.


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One Pump, Three Functions:



Benefits When Compared to Alternative Technologies

  1. Simplifies fluidic architectures 
  2. Reduces system total cost of ownership
  3. Enables increased throughput
  4. Non-contact dispensing down to 4μL

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Fluid Metering provides support to engineers through all phases of the development process. We have plenty of resources to help you find the right solution. 

Variable Dispense vs. Air over Liquid Dispense
Benefits of Variable Dispense
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