FMI One Year Limited Warranty

fmiwarrantyFMI products are manufactured to a high level of mechanical precision from materials that are resistant to attack by many corrosive chemicals. These products, however, may be self-destructive when used with non-compatible fluids or when located in physically hostile environments or when operated under non-specification voltage or pressure conditions.

FMI, therefore, warrants only as follows:
Each pump has been test operated with water prior to shipment from the factory. The qualifying performance of each pump is recorded by serial number in a permanent record of the company.

The Goods shall be free of liens, are new and unused, and perform in accordance with the published or agreed written specifications and be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from FMI's invoice date. Goods not meeting specifications may be returned to FMI, freight prepaid, for repair or replacement at FMI's discretion. Prior to any such return, Customer must request and receive written approval from FMI. If, upon examination, FMI determines that abusive practices, non-compatible fluids or destructive environment of operation or a combination of these factors is responsible for improper performance of the product, all labor and materials costs involved shall be at the expense of the customer. All such returns shall be redelivered Ex Works, Syosset, NY. Warranty returns may not be used to offset amounts owing for past or future deliveries.

Fluid Metering Inc. is not liable for special, indirect or consequential damages that may result from use, failure or malfunction of the product and any recovery against FMI may not be greater than the purchase price paid for the product.

No person or entity is authorized to change the terms of this warranty.