One Dispenser Pump Addresses the Needs

in a Wide Variety of Life Science Applications

Dispensers and metering pumps from Fluid Metering feature the CeramPump® valveless design including one moving part and sapphire-hard ceramics for both the piston and mated liner. These components are dimensionally stable in that they will not change shape or dimension over time. Therefore, the pumping chamber remains stable for millions of dispenses without downtime, and recalibration while providing medical manufacturers with long term, drift-free accuracy with virtually no maintenance.

One Dispenser Pump with Multiple Applications Possibilities

Valveless Syringing

Aspirate & Dispense:

Microfluidic transfer of liquids from nanoliters to milliliters are performed using an aspirate-dispense methodology. Increases process speed, improves reliability, and accuracy while reducing dilution and waste. Used in applications, such as sample reparation automation, laboratory, research, biological sample handling, accurate flow streams of fluids, and high precision sampling and dosing. 

Fast Prime

Flush & Wash: 

Microfluidic transfer configured to serially deliver a range of distinct sample populations to a sample processing element rapidly and automatically without cross contaminating the distinct sample populations. Used in applications, such as micro-volume sample, reagent, buffer, wash, and waste fluid control in OEM medical and life sciences instrumentation. 

Continuous Dispensing

Continuous Dispensing:

Automated method of high-throughput fluid handling for precise, accurate and repeatable dispensing. Used in applications in the assembly of OEM medical devices, assay development, point of care testing, next generation sequencing and many other life sciences applications.

Continuous Metering

Continuous Metering:

Automated fluid delivery for precise volume flow, process control and measurement. Used in applications from proportional mixing, metering of liquids, adding additives, spraying mechanisms to microfiltration and ultrafiltration for dialysis systems.