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We have pioneered next-generation flow control technologies with the use of advanced materials and components to reduce the size, weight, and life cycle cost. Ideal for life-saving medical and diagnostic devices requiring a precise dose, over millions of repeating cycles, without regular need for repair or recalibration-eliminating costly downtime. 

FDD Direct Drive
FDD Direct Drive
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FVD Variable Dispense
FVD Variable Dispense
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Pulseless Nanoliter Pump

Providing laminar flow at sub-microliter to nanoliter dispense volumes.

Our custom anti-backlash mechanism prevents step loss and maintains its resolution, even after 1 million cycles.

FDD Pulseless Nanoliter Pump - F_transparent


  1. Three moving components 
  2. High precision, fine pitch lead screw
  3. Optical sensor
  4. Rotary encoder with over 4000 pulses
    per revolution


  1. Small volume dispense of 500 nL  
  2. Chemical inertness 
  3. Lowers cost of installation
  4. Pulseless “smooth” flow with up to 98% stability

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Nanoliter Resolution Pump
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