We've Done It All !

Since 1959, Fluid Metering has archived hundreds of applications in our comprehensive searchable database. We can search by fluid, application specs, industry, etc. and most likely be able to tell you when, how, and what pump was used to do it before. Fluid Metering pumps and dispensers have been used for industrial automation, medical instrumentation, laboratory R&D, chemical process, pharmaceutical packaging, mining, alternative energy, water treatment, environmental monitoring, food processing and much more.

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For precise dispensing, aspirating, rinsing & mixing systems and for syringe pump replacement in diagnostic, clinical chemistry, dialysis and medical equipment manufacturing; Also for dispensing adhesives and lubricants used in assembly of disposable medical components.



For accurate metering and mixing of paint & pigment additives, catalyst for foundry resins, plating bath regeneration, petroleum additives, photo chemicals, inks, monomers and adhesives.



applications-medicaldis-smDispensing Systems

For dispensing of solvents, UV adhesives, lubricants, reagents, mercury in the manufacture of electronics, pharmaceutical, medical disposables, computers, and calibration equipment.


application-spray-smSpraying Systems

For injection of insecticides, herbicides, and agricultural nutrients. Also used in ULV spray equipment for mosquito control.



application-wastewater-smEnvironmental & Polution Control

For sampling stack gases, ground water & waste water, as well as injection of monomers, polymers, and chemicals for water & waste treatment, TCLP and more.



applications-electronic-smElectronics Manufacturing

For dispensing of ceramic slurries in the manufacture of capacitors and diodes. Also for dispensing of insulating and encapsulating materials used in electric motor manufacture, addition of flux for wave soldering equipment, dispensing of mercury for switch manufacturing, and metering of semiconductor wash & etch solutions.




For all kinds of precision instruments and monitors including, titrators, TOC, SO2 monitors, chromatographic systems, and humidity control.



application-Pplant-smPilot Plant

For research, development, and testing of a wide range of process applications including chemical synthesis, water & waste treatment, power plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing, petroleum refining, photo finishing, and more.



cosmetics-smCosmetic & Hygiene

Used for precision dispensing of pigments used in cosmetic color mixing systems. Also for moisture control and fragrance addition in the manufacture of diapers and sanitary napkins.



battery-smBattery Manufacturing

Used for precision dispensing of electrolytes & slurries into batteries, as well as for lubrication of fine blanking machines used to form and stamp battery components.




Used extensively in hydrogen fuel cell research & development for both the humidification and fuel injection systems. For dispensing insulating and encapsulating coating materials in the manufacture of stators, armatures, and distributors. Also used in instrumentation to verify gasoline octane rating.

applications-food-smFood & Dairy

For candy coating and polishing, vitamin fortification for milk; addition of flavors, colors, and preservatives, hops for brewing and sanitizing agents for aseptic packaging. Also used for sample and reagent fluid control in milk analyzers and other food quality control instrumentation.


application-automotive-smPrecision Cleaning

For dispensing of concentrated cleaning agents used in automated washers for laboratory glassware & mechanical components, as well as the metering of ultra concentrated liquid car wash detergents.