Dickson Ong

Dickson Ong, Author for Fluid Metering Inc. Blog

Small electronic circuit board with various components and a quarter for scale

3 min read

How Fluid Metering Pumps Integrate into OEM Systems

Can pumps integrate into OEM systems? It's a question that we often receive, as end users want to customize the pump as much as possible so that it works better for them. And while this can be done, there are many considerations that need to be...

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Person in a black hoodie handling mechanical device on a workbench with plastic containers

2 min read

How Can I Meter Different Fluids at Different Flow Rates?

Different fluids with different flow rates are bound to require separate pumps, right? Not necessarily. Two pumps aren't necessarily always better...

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Close-up of a viscous blue liquid pouring against a blue to white gradient background

3 min read

How Does Viscosity Impact the Accuracy of Pumps?

When it comes to selecting the correct pump for your application, there are several factors that need to be considered, one of which is the viscosity...

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