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Benefits of Fluid Metering's FSF Smooth Flow Technology

Dec 1, 2021 8:58:17 PM / by Sean Morris

Many pump users have a need for continuous, pulse-free flow. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case when working with many pumps. Today's reciprocating pumps tend to put out a pulsating flow that isn't always ideal. But how do you go about facilitating that more stable and consistent flow when you're working with a pump? That's where Fluid Metering, Inc.'s FSF Smooth Flow Technology provides a solution. Offering a pulse-less flow, the technology has many benefits for end users.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at how Smooth Flow Technology works to stabilize flow and discuss more of the benefits of this innovative technology. Here's a look:

FSF Smooth Flow Technology Explained

fsf_smooth_flowDo you know the optimal motion profile necessary to produce a continuous flow without pulsation in your pump?

That's exactly what Fluid Metering, Inc.'s FSF Smooth Flow Technology aims to discover - and it does it by using a state-of-the-art algorithm to help determine the ideal motion profile to counteract pulsations.

FSF Smooth Flow controller can be configured to any user's preferred flow rate and doesn't require any additional hardware. Currently, this algorithm can be used with Fluid Metering’s STF1-9 pump series using a 23-frame motor and is also undergoing testing to be used with all other sizes of FMI pump heads. 

When it comes to Smooth Flow, advanced technology meets next-generation engineering to develop a solution to satisfy the needs of both users and can meet specific requirements for any application.

What Problems Does FSF Smooth Flow Technology Solve?

Like we said above, the FSF Smooth Flow Technology algorithm is designed to help users counteract pulsations. Pulsations are common when using pumps and can lead to a variety of issues, such as:

  • Inaccurate sample results and analysis.
  • Having to buy more delicate, complex, and expensive pumps or hardware.
  • Increased maintenance and overhead costs.
  • Operating difficulties.

Smooth Flow Technology aims to reduce all these pain points. As noted in the above section, the algorithm can counteract pulsations without the need for additional hardware or components.

And being that it works with some current Fluid Metering pumps and will surely work with next-generation FMI pumps, users can already put it to use in the field. Additionally, if they don't need to counteract pulsations, they can easily switch back to standard use. Just think of it as a plug-in, on-demand solution.

FSF Smooth Flow Technology brings peaks down to 30% above the average flow rate. Whereas the standard Fluid Metering pump has peaks of up to 300% above the average flow rate. Also, in many instances, the flow rate is able to reach up to 97 percent flow stability during the dispense.

Hence the name, FSF Smooth Flow Technology is designed to give users a smooth, pulse-less flow. And while pulse-less performance is particularly useful in the life science field, many other industries can benefit from the technology as well.

What Makes FSF Smooth Flow Technology Stand Out?

FSF Smooth FlowThe biggest advantage to utilizing FSF Smooth Flow Technology is the fact that it's a plug-in solution.

While it integrates in one standard way with some FMI pumps today, it's being developed so that it will integrate with most - if not all - FMI products in the future.

It's this versatility that will also make it stand out in a crowded, competitive market.

If you're looking for minimal pulsation out of your pump and don't want to make any hardware changes or purchase additional fluidic components like flow restrictors, flow dampeners or multiple pumps, contact the experts at Fluid Metering today. Fluid Metering’s dedicated team of engineers will help you determine if the Smooth Flow Technology is applicable to your pump. 

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Counteracting pulsations is a need in many industries and with many applications - and it's where the FSF Smooth Flow Technology stands out from the other options that are currently available. For more information about Smooth Flow Technology, contact Fluid Metering Inc. today at www.fluidmetering.com.

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